"Do all in your capacity to realize the coming of our righteous Messiah!"

This directive, spoken by the Lubavitcher Rebbe King Messiah in a public discourse on 28 Nissan 5751 (1991) invests every person with the obligation and ability to bring the Messiah by himself.  How, one may ask, can he or she single-handedly bring the Messiah?  As the Rebbe King Messiah teaches, the first step is to "open one's eyes" to the reality that Messiah and Redemption are already here, literally; to retrain oneself to view the unprecedented developments of recent years as clear signs of Redemption, as prophesied by the Rebbe King Messiah.  Thus, our goal is not so much to "bring" Redemption as to "observe" it's self-evident presence; to live Redemption and see how it impacts our everyday lives.

And since Redemption is an actual reality it involves real action on our parts, as well.  Every person, Jew and non-Jew,  has a part to play in completing the Redemptive process; each of us is obligated to observe G-d-given laws that fill our everyday lives with meaning - and have a profound affect on the world. 

The Jewish People were given the Holy Torah at Mount Sinai.  The Torah consists of:

1) The Written Law, recorded in the 24 books of the Bible ("Old Testamount"), and containing the 613 precepts found in the Bible's first five books;

2) The Oral Law, comprised of the Talmud and subsequent books of Jewish law that explain the 613 precepts in detail; and the Kabbolo, the hidden, esoteric wisdom of the Torah which explains how to observe the first two precepts of the Bible, centered on belief: Love of G-d and Fear of G-d.  The sacred book Tanya, written by the Alter Rebbe,explains Kabbolo in a way that the present generation can comprehend and apply to their daily worship of G-d.
The nations of the world, called Bnei Noah - "Children of Noah" - were given seven laws by G-d, called the Seven Noahide Laws, found in the Bible and detailed in Maimonides's Mishne Torah..  These laws, centered on belief in G-d, mutual-respect, family and social justice, are the bedrock of civilized society.

Above are links to articles that address themselves to each sets of laws.  By learning and observing the specific laws that apply to us, we'll prepare ourselves and those around us for the wonders we will all experience with the revelation of the Lubavitcher Rebbe King Messiah in the true and complete Redemption - immediately, now!