The blessings of this world fall into four categories: children, life, sustenance, and material abundance.  

Concerning our children: May it be G-d’s will to protect our sons and daughters serving in the United States military, who carry out the vital task of safeguarding world peace by subduing the forces of Iranian terror and bloodshed. May G-d protect them from all harm and bring them home safely.

Concerning life: The Torah teaches that the way in which one metes out justice to others, is the yardstick by which he is judged. The application of this law begins with the inception of life itself – with our regard for the unborn life unfolding in its mother’s womb. If we will hold every life sacred from the moment it comes into being and remove the mask of legitimacy from abortion, G-d will hold our lives sacred, as well. May we summon the resolve to protect the lives of every human being, starting with those who are too small to be heard – so that G-d will bless all of us and our loved ones with life and good health.  

Concerning sustenance: As stated by the Great Rebbe of Lubavitch King Messiah, America, in its essence, is a “Kingdom of Kindness.” May it be G-d’s will that America continue to lead the world in kindness and compassion; that it continue to merit the privilege of providing food and essential aid wherever it is needed around the world so that its own citizens will be blessed in like measure and many times over.

Lastly, material abundance: We live at a time in history when unprecedented advances in modern medicine and technology have made people’s lives easier, healthier and longer than ever before. These, teach the Lubavitcher Rebbe King Messiah, are among the signs that the world has entered a new era in history, the Era of Redemption. May it be G-d’s will to bestow upon us the consummation of these blessings: limitless wealth, contentment and unending life for every person, as prophesied in the Bible and charged with immediacy by the Great Rebbe of Lubavitch King Messiah: “Eternal life from this moment on, without delay.”