Located at 30 Shinhollow Road, the Chabad House of Pike County, Port Jervis & Deerpark is privileged to serve the residents of Orange, Sullivan, Pike and Sussex Counties.  Under the spiritual guidance of Rabbi Shaul Elkeslasi, the facility offers essential services to the Jewish community such as:

* An authentic, newly-constructed Chabad Mikva (bor al bor) - the only  one of its kind between NYC and the Catskill Mountains (see below)
* Synagogue and Beis Midrash (study hall)
* Talmud Torah (Jewish school) and Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim of Deerpark 
* Rabbi, shochet and mohel  

Additionally, Chabad of Pike County, Port Jervis & Deerpark engages in widespread educational outreach work, among both Jews and non-Jews.  The members of each sector are taught their specific role in actualizing Messiah and Redemption, as well as the G-d-given laws they are required to observe.  

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Under the auspices of Messiah Chai Inc. the construction of a brand-new, state-of-the-art Mikva on the premises of the Deerpark-Port Jervis Chabad House has reached completion and is now open to the public.  The Mikva is a welcome and much needed facility serving the Jewish residents of Orange, Sullivan, Pike and Sussex counties.  To view more pictures, click on the photos to the right.
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Fubu - Coogi
The Town of Deerpark
A Succos Farbrengen 
From the Times Herald- Record:
"Rabbi Opens Chabad House in Deerpark"
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Rabbi Elkeslasi delivers the invocation at the Dec. 6th Town Board meeting at Deerpark Townhall 
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On April 24th, 1985, by House Joint Resolution 186, the Great Rebbe of Lubavitch King Messiah's birthday was reaffirmed by President Ronald Reagan, as "Education and Sharing Day."

Above, the USA Lubavitch Mitzva Tank, parked outside the UN.

Camp Yemos HaMoshiach:
"Make here the Land of Israel"
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An Evening of Messiah and Redemption Under the Stars
Vacationers from Woodrige visited the Chabad House of Pike County, Port Jervis & Deerpark 
for Torah study, dancing and barbecuing 
Rabbi Elkeslasi delivers a shiur, following Maariv (click for photos)
On 26 Menachem Av vacationers from Woodrige visited the Chabad House of Pike County, Port Jervis & Deerpark for an afternoon and evening of Torah study, dancing and barbecuing. Visitors got a chance to rub shoulders with roaming peacocks and fallow deer, or sit by the babbling brook and enjoy the serenity of nature. 
  One of the main attractions was the Chabad House's regular "Mishna Marathon," in which visitors took turns testing the Elkeslasi children on their memorized knowledge of the entire Shas Mishna and Sefer HaTanya! As always, the child prodigies did not fail to amaze.
  With nightfall it was lights, cameras and action as crowds danced up a storm on the lawn, to the tunes of "We want Moshiach now" and "Yechi Adeineinu." A grand barbecue farbrengan accompanied the festivities followed by Maariv and a shiur, delivered by Rabbi Elkeslasi.
  The joy and unity centered on Messiah and Redemption that marked the evening were a momento for all to take home and cherish.

USA Lubavitch Chabad, Inc.